Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Proving myself wrong, yet again.

Two weeks ago, I was lamenting our spring here in Idaho:

"It just isn't LUSH enough!"

"I miss Portland's exuberant cherry trees."

"No magnolias? (Heavy sigh.)"

Pouting, I prepared to move from a drab, brown winter, into a muted, subdued spring. But, as usual, when I complain about something, I had to eat my words.

While Boise doesn't have the outrageous explosions of blossoms and greenery and fecund growth that I became accostumed to in Portland, it puts on a pretty good springtime show.

On Easter afternoon, since Charlie had to work, I took a walk by myself through the North End to enjoy the sunny day. Cherry trees! Plum trees! Forsythia (Boise LOVES this plant)! Tulips! Magnolias! Everything was just a riot of color and flowers.

Better yet, the farmer's market started up last weekend. We wandered, dazed, through the throngs of people attending, and only bought a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs. Asparagus was the vegetable du jour, but they were asking almost $4 a bunch. While the general populace was there, and ready to eagerly embrace the market, the vegetables seem to have a little more growing to do before things can really begin in earnest. Nonetheless, life here is feeling a little more bearable again. Just being able to comfortably go outdoors in a teeshirt and sandals raises my mood 100-fold.

With spring in full-blast, it means that summer, with its 100 degree days and dusty afternoons is looming just over the horizon. The last two days have been hot--85 degrees yesterday, with similar weather forecast for today. But, being that it's still spring, we have to take this in stride, and enjoy the taste of summer before it becomes opressive: a week ago today, there was snow in the forecast, and the prediction for the weekend is rain, and 58. I think we should be able to handle this task. If there's one thing growing up in Washington has taught us, it's to enjoy and appreciate sunny, warm days when they come around.

So for today, I'll put sunscreen on my shoulders, and dig out the shorts, tank tops, and sun dresses I packed away last fall. I might also pack up a few sweaters--I just don't see myself wearing a wool turtleneck from here on out.