Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Waiting for our ship to come in.

Like everyone else faced with traveling through the "Storm of the Century" that's marauded the United States, Charlie and I are hanging out in an airport right now, waiting for our flight to come in. Fortunately for us, we've only been here for about an hour--we live ten minutes from the Boise airport, and so were able to easily manage the delays without camping out.

I'm pretty amazed to hear of all the madness that's happening to you all out in Seattle and Portland. As most of you know, I'm a HUGE fan of crazy weather--it breaks my heart a little not to be there for it all! We've gotten a little weather out in Boise, too, but it's not quite the same around here.

For example: it snowed in Boise on Sunday night, and not ONLY was I expected to get to work on Monday, but I was expected to BE THERE ON TIME, too! And we had like, THREE INCHES OF SNOW! The humanity. It's just not quite the same when things keep functioning despite the weather.

That said, everyone wishes that things like airports and trains functioned throughout storms. Charlie and I are trying to fly in to the SeaTac airport for the first leg of our triple-state-Christmas-extravaganza--the same airport where 3,000 people have been sleeping the past few nights because they couldn't get flights out. From the news stories I've been able to put together, they've run out of food, blankets, and flights. Remind me again why Charlie and I are trying to GET to this place that thousands of people are desperately trying to LEAVE? It's a little mad.

Here we are:

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