Wednesday, May 21, 2008


At least for the weekend at any rate.

We're headed to Boise for the weekend with Charlie's parents. I'm certainly looking forward to checking it out and seeing what this "place" where supposedly I am going to "live" is like.

The only time I've spent in Boise was an overnight stay mid-road trip en route to New Mexico when I was 15 or 16. In contrast, once this weekend is over, Charlie will have been there three times in the last month--twice in one WEEK even! (On a side note: he commented to me the other day regarding a short work-related trip earlier this week, "I've never flown somewhere just for a day before! I've never been important enough for someone to fly me somewhere for a day before!" Exciting things!)

It's funny, from my point of view, Boise still seems like a unique and interesting "vacation" destination. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I'll actually be living there and actually needing to find lucrative employment in "the city of trees" (as it's called) in about a month. Also hard to conceptualize: I won't be living in Portland any longer. No longer an Oregonian. No longer a Portlander. I'll have a new driver's license, new plates on my car (Idaho... those are the red, white, and blue ones, right?), and will have to register to vote again.

Of course people do this all the time--every day. It's not like this is a strange, remarkable thing, but nonetheless, it's a big life change. That said, I'm thankful for such a great partner in adventure. I couldn't ask for someone better. :)

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