Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So far the "We're moving to Boise!" reaction has been pretty positive.

Not sure about Charlie, but I've had a few funny responses.

One co-worker at the high school fixated upon the idea of DUST:

"It's supposed to be real dusty there," he said. "I know someone who moved here from there. She said her husband shined his shoes before work every morning, and as soon as he stepped outside? WHAM. DUST. So, watch out for the dust."

Another made me feel so special:

"Oh. That's about where I grew up. Hmm. Interesting. Well, I suppose this means I need to get the Conference Proceedings finished."

(I should say that she went on to say very positive things about Boise; also the "Conference Proceedings" are a project for which I'm waiting on a piece from her to finally complete--I've been waiting since November for that piece.)

Overall, though, everyone seems to be excited.

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