Friday, May 23, 2008

Things to Do

I asked someone I know who is from Eagle, ID recently what his top five things are to do in Boise. Here's what he told me, in order.

5) Drinking the amazing milkshakes at Moon's Kitchen Cafe.

4) Biking or jogging on the 25-mile Greenbelt (which follows along the Boise River).

3) Skiing at nearby ski areas, such as Bogus Basin.

2) Taking in a football game at Boise State University. (And enjoying the view of BSU's unique blue astroturf.)

1) Floating down the Boise River. (This is a favorite summer pastime of many Boise-ites. Nearly everyone I've talked to says it's a must.)

Ariel and I are pretty excited to try these things. Perhaps a milkshake at Moon's will be in order after we unpack all of our boxes.

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