Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And thus commence packing.

Wow. One week (did you hear me: ONE WEEK) until Charlie and I (and Charlie's dad!) make the big drive from Portland to Boise, earthly possessions in tow.

The closer we get to that day, the more things speed up. Tomorrow is my last day of work, and then it's a pack-a-thon until we fly our little nests on the morning of the 1st.

Pack-a-thon and clean-a-thon that is.

I remain stunned by how much dust accumulates in my house. I also remain stunned by the amount of JUNK that builds up. Time to purge. Hopefully a "free" listing on Craigslist takes care of at least some of it.

I'm also going to try to sell a few more things (couch, nasty old papasan chair, some old bike wheel rims, old horseback riding breeches/boots, etc.). Hopefully craigslist works out, and we'll be done with those things soon.

* * *

Otto isn't exactly sure what to make of all this packing up. He'll zoom around the house, frolicking in all the new, extra space, and then he'll stop, look up at me with these forlorn, confused little eyes. It's pretty apparent he knows that SOMETHING is up, just not quite what.

One thing is for certain, though, he doesn't want to be left behind:

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