Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One more thing...

I forgot to mention in my previous post, I found out a little more about the building that our new apartment is in.

Apparently, it's on the National Register of Historic Places! The building was built in 1909, and it's one of two "Wolters Double Houses" (it, and the building next to it)--essentially, old "duplexes" or row houses. It was built by the same architects who constructed the beautiful Boise High school and the Egyptian Theater downtown!

Our leasing agent also let us know that these beautiful fixtures (in the dining room area) are original:

We'll be living in turn-of-the-century STYLE my friends! I can't wait to have you all over for tea, crumpets, and a ballyhoo.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ariel - it's Mia. Love your blog-spot. You're new living arrangement is absolutely darling!! I can't wait for you to create and make it your own.

Sorry you can't make it to the wedding, but I hope that you'll be able to meet Kai soon. I look forward to hearing news and progressions about your own wedding planning. It's SOOO much fun!!

Love, Mia!